什麼是白鐵礦石是一種真正的天然寶石,具有明亮的光澤和令人驚嘆的閃亮金屬光澤。 白鐵礦石的顏色是淺青銅色或黃銅色,帶有深灰色條紋。 它是不透明的石頭,硬度等級為6至6.5。 通常將其切割成具有6個刻面和0.9-2.0mm直徑的圓形凸圓形。 Marcasite石材有多種形狀和尺寸可供選擇,包括方形切割,長方形切割,玫瑰切割,圓形切割,圓形明亮式切割,扇形切割,盾形切割,棋盤切割,蜂窩切割,圓頂切割和峰值切割。

Marcasite早在古代就被用於個人裝飾品。 白鐵礦首飾中的礦物實際上不是白鐵礦,而是鐵黃鐵礦。 Marcasite這個名字來源於Pyrite的阿拉伯語。 兩種礦物之間的混淆被放大,因為珠寶貿易使用Marcasite的商品名,而實際上他們銷售的是Pyrite。 由於鐵黃鐵礦與白鐵礦的相似性,這種礦物的珠寶通俗地稱為白鐵礦首飾。 然而,真正的白鐵礦不能用於珠寶,因為它更容易粉碎成粉末。

相比之下,鐵黃鐵礦的硬度使其多年來能夠很好地耐受划痕和叮咬,從而使消費者能夠在創造後的幾年內找到質量好的複古作品。 具有與Marcasite相似的外觀和物理性質以及相同的化學組成但具有不同的晶體結構,因此黃鐵礦是Marcasite的多晶型物,並且很難區分這兩者。 直到1845年,白鐵礦才被認為是正交晶系硫化鐵,黃鐵礦在等軸測系統中結晶。

硫鐵礦在世界許多地方都有發現,但只有一小部分適合於製造白鐵礦首飾所需的切割工藝。 只有精確的切割和拋光技術才能展現出寶石的基本美感,並提供優雅閃亮的光澤。

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What is Marcasite stone is a genuine, natural gemstone with a bright sheen and a stunning sparkling metallic lustre. The color of marcasite stone is a pale bronze or brassy shade with dark streaks of grey-green. It is opaque stone with the hardness scale of 6 to 6.5. It is common for it to be cut into round cabochon shape with 6 facets and 0.9-2.0 mm diameter. Marcasite stone are available in many more shapes and sizes from Square cut, Baguette cut, Rose cut, Round table cut, Round brilliant cut, Fan cut, Shield cut, Checkerboard cut, Honeycomb cut, Dome cut, and Peak cut.

Marcasite has been used for personal adornments as far back as in ancient times. The mineral in marcasite jewelry is not in fact marcasite but iron pyrite. The name Marcasite is derived from the Arabic word for Pyrite. The confusion between the two minerals is amplified as the jewelry trade uses the trade name of Marcasite when in reality what they are selling is Pyrite. Because of iron pyrite’s resemblance to marcasite, jewelry from this mineral became known colloquially as marcasite jewelry. However, true Marcasite cannot be used in jewelry as it has a higher tendency to crumble into a powder.

In contrast, Iron pyrite has a hardness that allows it to stand up well to scratches and dings over the years, and thus gives consumers the ability to find quality vintage pieces in good condition years after their creation. Having similar appearance and physical properties and the same chemical composition as Marcasite but with different crystal structure, Pyrite is thus a polymorph of Marcasite and it can be extremely difficult to distinguish between the two. It was not until 1845 that marcasite was recognized as an orthorhombic iron sulfide and pyrite crystallizes in the isometric system.

Pyrite is found in many parts of the world, but only a small fraction of it is suitable for the cutting processes required to create marcasite jewelry. Only precise cutting and polishing techniques can reveal the essential beauty of the stone and provide an elegant and shimmering finish.

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